History of the Tom and Steve Show

Steve and I are excited about the 2018 season, which is season #5. We’ve gone through some changes as far as hardware, software and the show format. It started out as our train set, something we did purely as a hobby. We had a microphone (Roland R-05) that sat on a little tripod on Steve’s kitchen counter and we talked. Dryers running, dogs barking and having a great time.

The show started to get a few listeners. Are heads started to swell and we decided to start talking about more rellavent topics. This was around season 2 and just so you know, the reason we have seasons is that we don’t play with the train set in the summer, too many awesome things to do in North Idaho. I think the first “more serious” one was about Justice Scalia. These wer’nt bad shows because Steve knows a lot about political science and stays tuned in to that stuff.

Talking about relevant stuff is great because you can go after high traffic keywords and you’re kinda right there in the conversation of the day. Its super easy because you just comment on whatever being talked about that day. I started hating my own show. You’d have to ask Steve excatley how he felt but we both agreed; NOT what we wanted our train set to be.

I came up with a new format that I believed would boost our numbers. My idea was “to make our podcast about your podcast.” Our first victim was Jeff Nolan of the podcast Chasing 40. Really super nice guy from England. First of all from a production stand point it was a nightmare. Keep in mind were still recording into the R-05 and Jeff lives in England.

The super professional way I set it up was I bluetooth my iphone to a Bose Mini speaker and we sat around the microphone at a card table like we were playing cards. Steve, myself and electronic, on skype,  overseas Jeff. The audio was let’s just say a little amature but from a numbers stand point it was a home run. The plan was to have 2 podcast guest on each episode. I would ask them a few questions about the equipment and hosting and Steve would find out more about motivation and background.

Audio got better as we got boom mics and a mixer and we had a blast with a bunch of really great guest like the Soiled Restroom Cinema, Fat Boy’z to Men, Tipsey Testiment, Big Seance, Beau Becraft Broadcast, Melrose Place, Secret Transmission Podcast and many, Many others. The audio is just one challenge. Setting up 4 interviews a week is like work. The train set was becoming this frankenstien monster consuming our lives.

At one point our numbers were growing by over 4000%. Its was great because not only did it put us on the map it was helping the numbers of every podcast that was on the show. When you’re successful you’re also going to get talentless haters and trolls. Its unfortunate for the podcast community but were not going to let a few losers slow us down. 2018 looks to be our most exciting year yet with addition of #TomAndSteveCoin and more.